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What is your specialty, what makes your work unique? Or place your artist's statement.

In her art, Moniek has an intimate, soft-spoken conversation without words. She enjoys to tell stories that touch and move through imagery. Using the sensible language of materials, she tries to find a layered way of expressing. In her multidisciplinary art she gives shape to the shapeless, converses on ambiguous matters and awes over mystical everyday structures. Fascinated by small, hidden and overlooked details; she creates from an observative perspective. Much like the crow up in the trees ambushed by the leaves. One that intertwines with the tree as a body of work; the work becomes an extension of herself. She gathers and processes through her chaotic, fragmental mind movies. To then put them together into something that resembles more a kind of visual poetry.

What are your ambitions? What do you want to be in five years?

I'm dreaming of so many things! I could write for hours on end about this. First of all I would want to see my work put into context. This could be in a museum, but I also would enjoy to see it working as a mural in a book or a magazine for example. Besides I would like to find a balance between applied, commission based work and more autonomous, free work. So I can fuel both desires simultaneously!

I will make a list of things that I have been dreaming of since a long time or maybe just recently that are a little more concrete:

- I want to make more prints. I really enjoy printmaking and really see myself doing this more in the future. I'd even would like to do this in collaboration with other creators.
- I want to do an exhibition of my work in the Odapark in Venray, it's a gorgeous location in the forest with scattered art pieces everywhere and ever since I visited it the first time, I wanted to do an exhibition there!
- I want to do the cover of the New Yorker. This is a little bit random, but I somehow saw this as the ultimate goal when I was younger. And still want to make that more young version of myself proud. A little closer to home, I really would like to do an editorial for NRC.
- I want to make album cover art. This is a branche I would really like to do more in. Music inspires me endlessly. When I listen, I always visualize imagery along to it. I would love to do that more. Coincidently it will be in the near future that I'm doing this, since I was asked to do my first cover in July 2021. I'm very excited for it.
- I want to make a mural.
- I would love to start a ceramics business. I fell in love with the craft of making my own ceramics in Japan. It will be or @marimoceramics or @tsukimiceramics on Instagram. I did not make up my mind yet.
- I would like to publish a book with my work in it.
- I would really want to do more with film, moviemaking.

What is the most important thing you have learned during your studies?

I learned that every choice and the way it's been put into imagery could tell something different. There's narrative in all the small details which I find fascinating! I also learnt that it's important to sometimes take a step back and observe my work from a more external perspective to see what's going on to keep a rich workflow going. But it's also important to follow my fascinations and trust my intuitivity. Besides, going outside of my comfortzone makes me able to achieve things that I never would have imagined to be able to achieve them. For example going to Japan during my study, doing an exhibition and an internship there!

List of publications / exhibitions / prices / concerts / shows etc.

De kunstlijn Haarlem (2018)
Boekenbar Utrecht (2018)
201 Hooghiemstra Utrecht (2019)
Room Dohjidai Gallery of Art Kyoto (2019)
Dialogue Hotel Kanra Kyoto (2020)
HKU Exposure Lou (2021)
Light-Up Collective (2021)