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What is your specialty, what makes your work unique? Or place your artist's statement.

The programme I hope to complete this year at the HKU is Game Design, but I also very regularly create 2D art, both game art and illustrations. I feel that what makes me truly unique is my broad spectrum of skills and passions. As such I have a very holistic approach to game creation, where I pay attention to not only the game mechanics, but also the art and art style, the UI, the level design, worldbuilding and narrative design, etcetera.

What are your ambitions? What do you want to be in five years?

I would love to work at a studio creating entertainment games, preferably doing something in which I can combine my passions involving game design, 2D art, narrative design, and worldbuilding. Being a world designer, lore designer or level designer would be jobs that I would be especially passionate about.

What is the most important thing you have learned during your studies?

The most important lesson is one that I still have not quite mastered yet - that it's often better to just keep producing so that you practice and stay in a flow, rather than getting stranded in details before you have even started creating something.