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Artist statement; wat is je specialisme, wat maakt jouw werk uniek?

My uniqueness as an artist comes from my knowledge in performing, arranging, composing, teaching and improvising. While some of these aspects are more cultivated than the rest (performing and improvising), they all form my artistic identity. In the 7 semesters I spent in Utrecht, I performed in concert or recorded 62 repertoire pieces and premiered 14 new works. In addition, I improved my skills in ensemble playing, programming, arranging and stage presentation through my most long-lasting ensembles, Katahdin Duo and Anemone Saxophone Quartet. Through my job as saxophone teacher at the International School Utrecht, I significantly developed my teaching skills.

Wat zijn je ambities? Wat wil je over vijf jaar bereikt hebben?

5 years from now I hope to already have started my PHD in saxophone performance. My thesis on spectralism was simply the beginning of my acquaintance with academic writing, which I hope to develop further in the future based on my research interests (eighth notes, multiphonics etc). In addition, I want to form a contemporary music ensemble, which commissions new music and is actively performing and recording, as well as being active in contemporary music education in high schools and universities. During my studies, I travelled to Belgium, Luxembourg, France, Germany, U.S.A, Austria, Finland and Croatia for concerts and lessons. I realized how important it is to meet inspiring colleagues from around the world and exchange views. At 23 I decided to interrupt my studies at the mathematics department of the NKUA and today I am glad I took this decision, as well as excited for the musical journeys to come.

Wat is het belangrijkste dat je hebt geleerd tijdens je studie?

During my studies at HKU, I learned how to be a professional musician. It is a 24/7 kind of job, especially because I am not focused solely on classical saxophone playing. During my second year I followed jazz saxophone as a second subject with Marc Scholten, which certainly was an eye-opening experience. In my last year I followed Composition Lab and received guidance in composition by Jeroen D' Hoe. I always wanted to compose and this course gave me the chance to do so. My favorite part of studying at HKU was chamber music, either in the form of a marathon or other concert situations. Sharing the stage with my colleagues is always the most gratifying experience. In addition, Johan taught me how important it is to have my own sound, how to free myself on stage, and how to always be consistent in performing, among other things. In HKU I found the place where I belong since day 1, because our classical department feels like a family and we are all united by common troubles and aspirations.

Overzicht van publicaties / exposities / prijzen / concerten / voorstellingen etc.

2019: Concerts in Germany, France and Luxembourg with the European Union Youth Wind Orchestra
2020: Concert at theInDoors Chamber Music Festival with Anemone Saxophone Quartet, Erasmus Exchange at KunstUni Graz
2021: Recording of Kostas Zisimopoulos' 'Persephone', Publication of essay 'Eduard Artemyev's Compositional Strategies' by the Eastern European Film Bulletin