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What is your specialty, what makes your work unique? Or place your artist's statement.

Encourage students to think and act sustainably? I am happy to advise you! As a teacher, I connect students to sustainability issues and circular economy to achieve actual change. The students start their research by becoming aware of their own position and that of the other. Art is used as a research tool for greater understanding and new insights. Art and Play create a separate space in which (for a while) everything is possible with the help of imagination, which has its own rules alongside the perceived outside reality. This research approach increases the mental space to arrive at original and unusual ideas - resulting in surprising innovations and feasible solutions.

What are your ambitions? What do you want to be in five years?

My ambition is to encourage more people to engage with the circular economy in order to reduce the overshoot to a level that allows the planet to heal. Art cannot solve such issues by itself, but it can propel people into action. As a teacher and researcher, I want to contribute to a world that is fairly shared with other species than ours.

What is the most important thing you have learned during your studies?

Accepting the mystery and the not-knowing doesn’t imply that you’ve lost control. It only adds to a rich learning experience.