Limes Germanicus,
AI-based analyse en categorisatie archeologisch cultuurgoed

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Mixed Reality,
In this project we did research about how we can combine the physical world with Virtual Reality and really bring them together. With our findings we have made the performance JUNK.

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The Crystal Pearl,
The Crystal Pearl is a surreal 3D environment inspired by a Chinese fairytale, where the viewer can step into the old tale through visual storytelling.

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IDLE: Bring a little bit of self care in your workday,
Especially in these times it’s important to be aware of your relation with your screens. IDLE is a friendly break app for your desktop for the people who can get stuck in their workflows and need reminders to move, drink or rest their eyes. The app is a digital wellness...

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Kiku is een Unity prototype die ontworpen is om studenten Japans op een interactieve manier te laten oefenen met luistervaardigheid Japans. Kiku is a Unity prototype designed to give students, learning Japanese, an interactive way to practice and improve their Japanese listening comprehension.

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Where am I?!,
Where am I?! Is een visual novel game over het begeleiden van iemand met een angststoornis.

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Evaluation Index van Soundscape ,
Can we model from a single recording how much day-to-day noise hindrance you're perceiving at home? link to presentation room:

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