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VRIJSPEL - English

Aniek Karina
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                                                                                              Aniek Karina                              


My graduation project VRIJSPEL is an interactive art installation where visitors playfully investigate the freedom of choice. Nowadays we have so many choices to make so we often follow the people before us, and we are not always conscious of the fact that you can come back to the choices you made in the past. During my search for what I would like to do after graduation, I noticed that I felt lot of pressure from society and that I took it to heart what my peers were doing or which path my family members took. A little while back during my internship in Paris the opposite happened, and I just felt the freedom of endless possibilities. In reaction to the oppressive feeling I had before my internship I decided to make an art installation wherein I would like to let the visitor experience the joy and freedom of making choices. The installation is a mixture of digital and physical world punt into one world. By using light projections, sound, and the ability to touch the objects, the installation will activate your senses and you will find yourself entering a world that will amaze you.

By implementing game elements I want the visitor to think about the concept of having a free choice in a light-hearted way. In my installation you will get all the space and freedom to discover which emotions will emerge. Open up yourself and feel free to get astonished.

Move, sense, hear and undergo    

Videographer: Pasqual Amade & Najim Jansen. Model: Melanie Groenendijk. Sound designer: Dillan Sondervan

Do you walk with me through this experience? 

An experience is best reflected when you are allowed to play. Let yourself be immersed in the space and experience the lights, shadows, sounds and materials around you.

The experience is yours

Click the link and play

VRIJSPEL - your experience

A world where there is no right or wrong, where you can look at things differently, where there is room for conversation, but most of all, a world where you can let yourself be astonished. This is a world where I, Aniek Karina, as experience designer am looking for. My motivation is to let people marvel and, in this way, get closer together. In my art installations I am looking for new perceptions where one can playfully discover and appreciate abstract emotions. However complex these emotions might be. 

By making use of both digital and physical worlds I ensure that the visitor can experience an interaction with my art installations. My background in Fashion Design has made me aware of how certain types of materials affect the emotions and senses of the spectator. The interaction between human and object is essential for me. Within the art installation your perspective changes by accepting the experience and thus increasing the empathy you have for others 

As an inquisitive designer I find myself in different working fields. I am a designer who is always trying to look at the use of new materials and shapes that will give the audience an
experience. Through these experiences I keep evolving my worlds even more so that a space is created in which all emotions are accepted. Let yourself take part in a playful and precious experience of emotions. 

In collaboration with sound designer: Dillan Sondervan, Instagram: lowaddictssoundsystem