Nothing is what it seems in the sculptural landscapes of Annï Mertens.
She playfully bends, coats and twists materials in such a way that it is hard to distinguish what’s solid and what’s porous, what’s delicate and what’s not. The skeuomorphic objects that make up the installation find common ground in their relationship with the body.
These objects situate themselves somewhere between extensions and analogies of the body,
playing visual and spatial games as they form a trail, seeking poetic coherence between shape,
colour and textures bending and flexing concrete and ceramics to the limits of their material capacities.
The inspiration of the colourful sculptural constellations she draws from playgrounds, climbing trails as well as the circus, adding a more sinister layer to her spatial explorations.

Text by Yoeri Guepin
'Tongue tied', ceramics, dimensions variable, 2019
Anni Mertens, ‘Knot knowing’, ceramics, dimension variable, 2019 copy.png
'Knot Knowing', ceramics, dimensions variable, 2019
Anni Mertens, ‘Les longues langues’, 2’, dimensions variable, 2019.jpg
'Les longues langues', ceramics, dimensions variable, 2019

L'initiative intuitive

I knead, I stroke, I twist and I bend while constructing and touching everything with my hands.
During this process, I follow the material and the material follows me.
L'initiative intuitive ANNI MERTENS upload.pdf
Annï Mertens - FINE ART

Annï Mertens - FINE ART

15 september 1995
  1. Artist statement; wat is je specialisme, wat maakt jouw werk uniek?

    I am working with a wide range of material such as wood, concrete and ceramics. Saturated and pastel colours are dominating in the installations which provoke the viewer’s imagination to dive into an artificial and absurd landscape built up through outbalanced shapes. I depict worlds, which can be seen as a playground, displayed with constructed environments that act as physical portals into a space where one is surrounded by nonsense. This playground is created through non-obvious connections, misplacement and disfunction of things.

    The inspiration of the ‘play-drive’ or the play impulse, explains why there are always playful elements coming back in my installations. The assemblage of sculptures refer to our focus and our journeys which are filled with the unexpected, questioning how we grow throughout these journeys and do we ever outgrow the urge to play?

  2. Wat zijn je ambities? Wat wil je over vijf jaar bereikt hebben?

    I want to combine traveling with doing residencies abroad, meeting people who share the same interests to create collaborative projects and I wish to turn an abandoned swimming pool into a cultural institute/experimental gallery space.

  3. Wat is het belangrijkste dat je hebt geleerd tijdens je studie?

    Why ration passion?

  4. Overzicht van publicaties / exposities / prijzen / concerten / voorstellingen etc.

    October 2018 - Mantis Festival, Group Show, Muntgebouw, Utrecht NL
    April 2018 - Out of the Blue, Duo Show, TUUB, Utrecht NL

    August 2018 - SENSORY, Group Show, RMIT, Melbourne AUS

    June 2017 - ZELF, The Space Between - Group Show, MONO, Rotterdam NL
    May 2017 - MAMA.jpeg, Group Show, Showroom MAMA , Rotterdam NL