the egg is integrated into the cosmogony of every nation on earth as a sacred expression. it is honored because of both its universal form and its inner mystery. an egg is one cell, one primordial atom. in the first spiritual representations of man it was already known as that, which best shows the origin and the secret of "being." with some energy in the form of heat, the gradual development of the imperceptible seed within the closed shell starts to develop. it is a symbol of inner activity, without any external force of force that produced an operational "something" from a hidden "nothing."
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wild ei

wild ei

25 maart 2019
  1. Artist statement; wat is je specialisme, wat maakt jouw werk uniek?

    I come from the heart of the Kempen, on the Dutch - Belgian border. Belgians come to our food market and we go to their gasstations to get fuel for our vehicles. As a border resident you look for the best from both sides. After all, a border lies where you put it. As an artist, I try to restore the relationship between instinctive and intellectual knowledge. 'Knowing' extends to different domains by making mutual associations, comparable to how folk tales are both art and science.
    I observe the world around me as a metaphysical naturalist - looking for macro processes in my environment that explain complex processes in the universe. My work is an ongoing research into the cosmogony and the binding element of life. Instead of explaining this, I present fragments in the form of video, audio and installations that show the poetic and magical perceptions thereof.

  2. Wat zijn je ambities? Wat wil je over vijf jaar bereikt hebben?

    To have a better understanding of what 'primordial-being' is, perhaps in the form of an interdisciplinairy collective or open archive.

  3. Wat is het belangrijkste dat je hebt geleerd tijdens je studie?

    only future can tell

  4. Overzicht van publicaties / exposities / prijzen / concerten / voorstellingen etc.

    2019 - utrecht, filmcafé, hku cinema #2, 'notebook on cities and clothes + more'
    2019 - utrecht, moira, radio in the bathtub, 'a harvest, a feast'
    2018 - soundtrack for documentary 'maravilhosa' by Thieme Higashi