The way we experience our public space is
going to change in a way beyond our

the story about a changing climate has no
tactility that we can hold on to, also,
there is no concrete statement that we can
rely on in these therms.

Based on facts and predictions, I used my
skill as designer to make climate change
more tangible. So, I took the umbrella, to me a symbol of
weather and climate, and asked the
question what the future role of this
product should be.

Climate change is a fact, but we dont know
in which way. So I created a concept about
some of these predictions and reshaped it
into a climate adaptive umbrella.
I believe that we should embrace climate change
and use it as a design tool, Because I believe that the
best things come from an inexaustible
Ingmar Schröder

Ingmar Schröder

03 april 1989
  1. Artist statement; wat is je specialisme, wat maakt jouw werk uniek?

    As a conceptual designer I use a lot of crossover techniques between spatial and graphic work, controlled by an overall Narrative to visualise the story. 

My concepts mostly have an activistic approach, I think a lot about the actions of human beings, and how these actions react to their environment. With my visual skills I want to make people more conscious about their environment, mostly by confrontation.

    Within my designs I want to tell the beholder a story, something that people can relate to and make them question about some of the problems in the world.

    I believe that design is a tool of communication to give a message or an insight, something that can move people.

  2. Wat zijn je ambities? Wat wil je over vijf jaar bereikt hebben?

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  3. Wat is het belangrijkste dat je hebt geleerd tijdens je studie?

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