80x60 stretched reused fabric.
Mick Tenthof

Mick Tenthof

31 oktober 1990
  1. Artist statement; wat is je specialisme, wat maakt jouw werk uniek?

    My paintings are done without paint. Different colors are sewn together. Sometimes a simple straight stitch, sometimes a zigzag stitch and sometimes it is a reparation because I ruined the last stitch. After sewing the work together I will stretch it on a frame. I like to increase tension during stretching so that the lines are able to dance a little bit. Meditation is key for my images. Every piece is based on a memory. My mind creates a mental photograph while meditating, which is an abstract version of a moment in the past. With reused fabrics I try to recreate the life the memory has had, so stains and sun bleached materials are an important element in my art.

  2. Wat zijn je ambities? Wat wil je over vijf jaar bereikt hebben?

    It is my goal to be an international artist. This is something I am going to reach within the next 5 years. Besides the dream I would like to set up a collective with artists, musicians and film makers.

  3. Wat is het belangrijkste dat je hebt geleerd tijdens je studie?

    To not overthink my decisions. I used to think that a painting had to use paint for it to be a painting. For me this has changed which opened a whole new world I could learn from. My love for flags was something I wanted to experiment with, together with my love for abstract art. This created the opportunity to do something completely new to me but still combine two old loves.

  4. Overzicht van publicaties / exposities / prijzen / concerten / voorstellingen etc.

    Solo exhibitions
    Solo - Café Bruxelles, Haarlem

    Group exhibitions
    "No Subject 2: Dark Figments & Gloomy Windows" De Stadstuin, Utrecht

    "Neighborhood" Hooghiemstra, Utrecht

    Kunstkelder, Haarlem

    WIJ KLEUREN GEEL, Nobelstraat Curator: Chantal Spit