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You Are Never Wasting My Time

Anna Lynn Loois
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You Are Never Wasting My Time is a work that focuses on the desire and importance of continuously immersing ourselves into the lives of our loved ones. In my case, into my father's life.

On the 12th of June, 2020, my father became a victim of a stabbing incident. A confused person attacked him in the streets. Fortunately, things are going well with him now. The bond with my father has grown even stronger and it has brought us closer together as a family. It was through this incident that I realised that parents are not some immortal beings and that the time we are given together should never be taken for granted.

Inspired from this, I developed the urge to learn more about my father. Who is the man that raised me? How has he impacted my being, and in what way do I carry him with me? Researching further, I wondered: Can I turn my father's life into something tangible that I can wear myself?
Maybe in that way he isn’t really immortal after all.

You Are Never Wasting My Time is a call to pay more attention and invest more time in the people we love.
Who is never wasting your time?


Design Talk 3 - How do you use emotions in a design process?

Friday, June 25 - 8:30 pm

How can you use emotions in your work?

Different sides of the concept of 'emotion' will be discussed, such as a grieving process, feeling of disgust but also the magnification of emotion. 

Hereby artist Denise Roseboom and psychotherapist Steffi van Breugel will talk to Stefan Dobrev, Roy Kramer and Anna Lynn Loois.