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Working Title (Working Title)

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The contemporary photograph is not only one of the most important carriers of information but also offers non-information or fiction. In Working Title (Working Title) I explore the balance between autonomous image and document of process through photography and painting. Hereby applying the status of painting to the photograph and using the painting as a carrier of information. 

Artist statement

Photography made me look at the world in a different way, due to the constant framing, and therefore analysing, of my surroundings. However, in the past two years, my view on photography changed. I was no longer merely looking at the photograph as a document of that what’s in front of the camera but I became more and more interested in photography as a medium representing itself. 


To develop new works and have fun in the process. Perhaps on a slower pace than the past four years. Also exhibit, collaborate and visit a lot. 

Learned during the studies

List of publications / exhibitions / prices / concerts / shows etc.

2022- Publicatie, "Found Footage & Familiar Features" samen met Noa Wassink

2022- "sometimes a photograph", self initiated group exhibition with Samuel Veenstra & Joeri Boelhouwer, Artides Amsterdam

2021- Fuse Expo (dis)connect, Foam Amsterdam (& Online)

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A quick stroll through the (post-) photographic landscape

Een opsomming van meerdere gedachten die leidend zijn geweest voor het beeldende onderzoek in het afstudeerwerk "Working Title (Working Title)" Deze opsomming neemt constant een andere vorm aan en eindigt waar het afstudeerwerk begint.