Wisselspoor. Subject to change.

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We’re now in the process of dismantling the space. As it appears quite empty it might be difficult to associate back the function of each area. We aim to break this barrier, we believe the past history and pre-existing geographies leave traces into space and onto its surfaces. We will highlight the elements and characteristics already existing in the environment by placing our intangible, yet concrete, thoughts on its present materiality.
We believe in coexistence of presence and absence in space to stimulate and open up to potential and alternative scenarios projected by the individuals who occupy these spaces, by their subjectivity and identities.
Let these alternative narratives guide and accompany you through the space, they will lead you across a past that has remained that searches for sets beyond the visible. Follow the voice that has been given back to the space, it will lead you on a safe path.

Artist statement

My scenographic practice originates from the interest in social dynamics and the personal fight to fit in them.
The internal struggle of feeling of not belonging somewhere leads me to investigate spaces, to search for their multiple or potential identities.
Within my research, I embrace the specificity of the location I work in, of its elements and characteristics by highlighting them through the use of intangible materials, such as sounds, lights and visuals. The apparent absence of the space opens up to potential scenarios, alternative interpretations and experiences of it that are not visible at a first glance.
The past history and pre-existing geographies of the building form the foundation to build up the narrative which evolves in the space through different means of physical and emotional guidance of the audience.


I aim to open new windows on the diverse readings of spaces and world views. I plan to do that by creating connections and collaborating in an interdisciplinary and international frame. Next to it, I intend to keep developing my individual practice which drives the personal search and interest in space.

Learned during the studies

What I value the most is the formulation of a working process which I apply to each project independently of the context.
Being able to recognise and go through the same steps helped me to develop a methodology that conveys me confidence, structure and planning skills.
I also treasure discovering that how others relate to the subject of the research is more important to me than the actual focus. Therefore I weigh the different ways to relate and empathise with each other which I explore through spectatorial and dramaturgical strategies.

List of publications / exhibitions / prices / concerts / shows etc.


Current - Exposure - Master’s scenography final exhibition (2nd year)

Current - Amsterdam (NL) - Over het IJ Festival 2023

11/2022 - Vijverzicht 12, Den Haag (NL) - Residency at Toon studio
Een hoofdstuk afsluiten / Closing chapters

06/2022 - Gansstraat 143, Utrecht (NL) - Master’s scenography final exhibition (1st year)
In Limbo - Follow me

4/2023 - Scenography masters’ thesis project
The Apparent Emptiness. Silent Spaces Talking.

11/2020 - Interior design bachelor’s thesis project
Migrants on the move.