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Whispers of the blue sky

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I research my personal connection with the war in Ukraine, a conflict that affects my life due to friends actively involved and family directly impacted. Through research, I seek to understand experiencing a war from a distance. I explore the inherent risks and dangers that, while distant from me physically, remain real for those in my immediate surroundings. I examine the ethics, second-hand pain, and feeling of helplessness tied to experiencing a war from a distance.

Artist statement

Throughout my work I’m focussed on researching human life, the interactions we have, the paths we take, the pain we suffer and our relationship to the world around us. I conduct my research from a ‘’distant’’ perspective through the use of analog technology and AI. In my project ‘’agnosian’’ I tried to understand the suffering of dementia, to do this I used AI to create a familiar looking image from a database of images taken from photo books and images I took of my grandfather’s house and office. to abstract moss to a tactile looking image I used analog microscopic photography. The goal of this was to exaggerate the importance of the calming feeling of touching moss, as this was the last safe feeling described to me by my grandfather before his passing. In my current work I focus on capturing the connection between humans and technology, in my research I have conversations with AI about the relationship technology has to humans. These conversations inspired me to construct sculptures that create video & images through analog technology, here the viewer is invited to interact with the sculpture to create images together with the endgoal of highlighting how close we are to the technology around us.


Mijn ambitie is om mijn huidige praktijk verder te ontwikkelen naar een creative studio waar ik zowel autonoom als commercieel foto, video en audio werk maak wat betrekking heeft tot conflicten, de westerse samenleving en milieu.

Learned during the studies

Kritische reflectie op beelden, feedback geven en verwerken, een eigen beeldtaal ontwikkelen, een breed inzicht binnen de technische mogelijkheden binnen fotografisch beeld maken.