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when the real world becomes a fable

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Waterfalls have always fascinated me. There is something mystical about them. They embody a sense of transience and eternity in each and every moment.
They exist as they are, as they seem to have been, always. But if you look closely, the forms of the rocks that shape the water, and the water that shapes them, are ever changing.
Past and future moments exist simultaneously in every fall, in every drop of water, ever one, ever moving, ever changing, existing everlastingly in every single fleeting moment.
My mind is silenced by the constant noise.

Artist statement

My work originates in emotional processes of loss, grieve and trauma. I give shape to these feelings through metaphors that I find in astronomy, archeology and geology.

Contemplating the vulnerability of the female body and being human
in relation to nature. I work with a combination of digital and analogue photography.

I am interested in the intersection and disparities in the interpretation of photographs. Which is a result of my fascination of photography’s indissolubly link to reality and the impact of the hyperreality on my generations relationship with reality.


After graduation, I will start working part-time to create a steady income, while continuing to work part-time on my own autonomous projects. As an artist, I see myself working mainly through foundations and residencies, such as Mondriaan Fonds. Resulting in several solo and group exhibitions, selling prints and publishing.

Learned during the studies

Throughout my education at HKU, I have learnt to interpret a given framework and explore how to stretch that framework to fit who I am as a person and a creator, to get out of my studies what is important to me and to achieve my own learning goals prior to institutional expectations.

List of publications / exhibitions / prices / concerts / shows etc.

'Under the weeping willow tree', 't Grasje, Utrecht, 2020