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What if we stop

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Our western fashion industry of today is wrapped around fast fashion. With an astonishing 52 collections a year there is always something new to buy and try. Some people would call this the ultimate freedom. But is it the freedom to be constantly pushed to buy something new?
What if we stopped?
What if from tomorrow on the whole fashion industry would collapse and there would be no more collections from now on? Would we lose all our senses? would we lose our community and our way of life? Have nothing more to wear? or would it bring development?

Movement in silence is a performance that asks the question if we always need to move. It shows that often, developments can be created by standing still. Through the middle of programmed motor devices in the collection, The clothes will start to move as soon as the person wearing it will stop moving. It is an action-reaction performance that is
created by the performers at the time of execution.

Artist statement

Studio VivÈrdie is searching for a new way of design communication. The goal is to work sustainably towards a future with a different mindset towards design and consumption.
Studio VivÈrdie strives to design with the earth and environment in mind and most importantly with the materials that are already here. “In my opinion, there is a new chapter starting for the design industry. A movement that has been here for a long time, that sees design in a different light, will come to the main ground. A movement that tries to tell stories and shape minds without exploiting the earth and its inhabitants. This is something that Studio VivÈrdie wants to be a part of.”


To work towards this goal, Studio VivÈrdie is focusing on two pathways.
The first one is to try and change the mindsets of people. To show people different ways of thinking through performances and experiences. However, changing mindsets is harder if there is no alternative solution. This is why studio VivErdie also focuses on material innovations and chemistry. We are on a constant hunt for new and innovative ways to sustainably tell our stories. This way we introduce the watcher to the idea and introduce them to a solution all without polluting the planet.

Learned during the studies

The HKU helped me realise that design is not placed in corners or disciplines. It is made to be fluent and from different perspectives. I learned how to combine my passion for sustainability and my love for design and storytelling.

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