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What am I, a European?

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From London to Istanbul by train, in one month, to make me feel European. That's what I tried to do in this documentary. First politically motivated, later mostly personal. This story is about loneliness and division in the world. It documents a young boy's life change and is a desperate search for connection, friendship and love. I take you on an unforgettable journey where I meet the most extraordinary people. But in the end, it's all about just a few words: What am I, a European?
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Artist statement

To completely infiltrate the world you are investigating until you are part of it yourself is what attracts me as a documentary filmmaker. I tackle world political topics in a mixed style of art and journalism in which the relationship between me and the subject is central. In my documentaries, I report on important events and hope to bring viewers to new insights while contributing to greater connection and mutual understanding. Give me an unreachable area of conflict and I come back with a special story and a friendship.


In five years' time, I want to look back with satisfaction on completing my bachelor's degree in European Studies and possibly a subsequent master's degree, both of which I will pursue at the University of Amsterdam. I hope to be fully prepared as a journalist and documentary filmmaker to confidently take on major world events. With my work, I hope to make an impact, inspire or help others. I hope my days will be meaningful and that I remain kind above all else.

Learned during the studies

You attract the energy that you give off.

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Europa in een veranderende wereldpolitiek (31 augustus 2022):