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Mainly, I would like to try traditional jazz-piano-trio sound. Plus, I will also combine modern sound with it at some point. In order to make more modern and free sound, first of all, I believe I need to more focus on something traditional eventually. This will be a chance to explore where it comes from. It will be about how to interact and communicate each other within jazz-piano-trio format. For this, I will give more space and room to the trio. By doing this, as the sound of Trio will go on with minimal and essential information, we will know better what our roles are over the sound and try to derive musical creativities from it every single moment.

Artist statement

It is always to keep doing creative and experimental attempts based on tradition. My music always starts from the simpleness and then, goes into beauty and excitement.


I want to be a jazz performer who travels around the world and plays with a variety of musicians each country.

Learned during the studies

It is important to make and play songs from the audience's point of view, not to be stick in myself.