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'Wearable Tapestries'

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'Wearable Tapestries' puts the relationship we have with our clothing in another perspective and questions the current relation we have with our clothing, within a industry in which we consume and waste too much. This project originated due to an affinity with textile, the making of prints and a interest in the sustainability of the fashion industry.

Is it possible to change our view on clothing by making this multifunctional?

'Wearable Tapestries' does this by combining fashion and art. Which has resulted in a mixed medium with a double function, making the piece both wearable as a piece of clothing as well as a decorative tapestry.

The piece of clothing has been designed in such a way that that it can be easily transformed into a tapestry. Because of its double function the design asks to question what it is the buyer actually purchases, thereby extending the cycle of usage of the clothing piece/tapestry.
The prints have been inspired by optical prints as well as the concept of the Rorschäch tests, where prints are being abstracted to such a extent that the visual outcome can be interpreted differently by every individual viewer.

In addition, the prints have been designed in such a way that they are less visible up close, therefore letting the pattern speak for the clothing. As for when unfolded as a tapestry, figures and elements can be seen and are being left for interpretation.

Artist statement

As a young fashion designer from Rotterdam, my work lies at the intersection of art and fashion. I am passionate about textile manipulation, creating prints and in combination with my conceptual ideas they together push the boundaries of traditional fashion design.
I often explore themes related to social issues and/or the future of fashion, particularly being critical about the state of the industry and voicing the changes that must come.

Through my designs, I aim to challenge conventional ideas about fashion and encourage more sustainable and socially conscious practices in this I’m also looking for collaborations. I believe that fashion has the power to inspire change, and I am committed to be part of this change. To advocate and challenge that change for a more ethical and environmentally responsible industry.

My love for fashion and art began long time ago, I have always been drawn to the way that clothing can express identity and make a statement. The same as that art lets you voice your concerns and a place to talk about things that trouble you. As I continue to develop my skills and explore new techniques, I am excited to see where my creativity will take me and what kind of impact I can make on the fashion/art world.


In me lies a passion that inspires me each day: working with textiles and creating art pieces that reflect my imagination and skills. As a textile conceptual artist, my dream is to transform this passion into a fulfilling career.
To achieve my goals, I am determined to publish and exhibit my work, showcasing my unique creations to the world. Additionally, I aspire to keep creating and expanding my skills, always seeking new avenues for growth. I strongly believe in the power of collaboration, connecting with fellow artists and exchanging ideas, allowing for the birth of fresh concepts.
In the years to come, I envision myself growing by taking risks and embracing failure as a learning experience. I understand that creative slumps are inevitable, but I am committed to persevering and following my passion. Moreover, I acknowledge that solitude can arise from trying to do everything alone. Hence, I aspire to assist others with their projects and share my skills, fostering a synergy of ideas that propels us collectively to new heights.
While pursuing my ambitions, I recognize that fulfilment lies not solely in completing projects but also in the magical feeling that arises when something that was once merely an idea comes to life. It is the pursuit of realizing the full potential of my creative vision that brings me satisfaction and fuels my drive to keep going.

n a few years' time, I would love to have gained valuable experience in guiding and supporting other creative individuals. I envision sharing my knowledge and insights with them as we collaborate on various projects. It would be fantastic if, by that time, I have already participated in several exhibitions, showcasing my work to a wider audience and receiving feedback. More importantly, I want to focus on doing what I truly love: creating textile art and exploring new possibilities within this field. I hope to continue developing and amplifying my unique artistic voice, allowing it to resonate in my works. Additionally, I aspire to gain greater recognition and appreciation for my creations, enabling me to sustain my passion and build a sustainable career as a textile conceptual artist.

Learned during the studies

Right from the beginning of my education, I discovered that my happy place was within the textile workplace. After my first experience with screen printing and creating a design, by making it come to life through printing, something ignited within me. It's difficult to put into words, but something clicked, a realization that this is who I am as an artist and this is what I want to pursue further within my carreer. Furthermore it became clear that my medium of choice was storytelling through visual and graphic works. Which has been a crucial building block for me as an artist, shedding light on my passions and strengths over the years.
One significant affinity that has been growing during my education is my love for textiles and textile manipulation. Which has evolved within each passing year, and I believe will continue to grow even more in the years to come. My interests have expanded beyond garment making to include screen printing, working with programs like Clo3D, sublimation, dye techniques, silhouette work, engraving, textile projections, cyanotype, moulage, embroidery, passementerie, tufting, weaving, and knitting. Essentially, anything related to textiles and making.

Four years ago, I never would have expected I would have grown so many affinities for the way textiles can be used. I therefore also appreciate the fact that I have been able to explore so many different techniques and realise their applicability during my education. Now, even though my school career is coming to an end, I still have so much I want to work on and explore, that I’m nothing but excited for the future.