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waves, for flute and electronics

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An intimate work for C flute and electronics, exploring different noise timbres.
Performed by Rita C. Santos on February 2nd 2023.

Artist statement

I specialise in electroacoustic work for solo and small ensembles, with the goal to express feelings from personal experience.


In the coming years I will be pursueing a master's degree abroad. After which I hope to play my music in different concert halls throughout the world.

Learned during the studies

During my studies Music & Technology I learned how to combine different techniques and knowledge to create music in my own style. As well as work together effectively with other musicians.

List of publications / exhibitions / prices / concerts / shows etc.

- Impromptu in F Major
- Impromptu in F Major for clarinet, cello, piano, vibraphone, Trio Burlesco
- Forest - flute and electronics
- The Penrose Bird - solo cello
- Reflowable - string quartet, Keuris Ensemble
- Frayed Freedom (video game) (sound design)
- The Red Sea Inside My Mind - vocals, (bass) flute, electronics
Text by Priscilla Kint
- waves I - for C flute and electronics
- waves II - for alto saxophone and electronics
- Wrecked - theatre collaboration with Royal Conservatoire of Scotland

Extending the expressivity of electronics

I have researched how I can enhance my electroacoustic work with an expression pedal and audio descriptors. Through control both by a pedal and the playing of the performer, I want the electronic sounds to transform, thus adding expression.

The Red Sea Inside My Mind

The Red Sea Inside My Mind is an electroacoustic piece with spoken word. The poem
was written by Priscilla Kint. The text is about being stuck in your mind, unable to get out, and the fear of it. The piece was first performed during a concert at the Muziekhuis Utrecht in 2022 by André Lourenço and Tatiana Rosa.
Album art is by Iris Vestergaard.