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Wat Alleen Spreekt Als Het Vaart

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I have collected low-frequency sounds from my immediate surroundings, which I then documented and combined with sounds gathered from my room. I have arranged these sounds into multiple compositions. The sub forms a mold for the sounds recorded in my room, which in turn engage in a dialogue. All of this is a response to an experience I had in my youth, where low-frequency sounds from the outside intruded into my personal space, causing objects to vibrate.

Artist statement

I can still remember sitting in my room at night, in the little village I grew up in (Gemert, Brabant, The Netherlands). The windows were open. It was summer, so there was a warm breeze coming from outside. In the distance, I heard the sound of a hardcore (techno) festival. It was a low bass, because only the low frequenties could travel the distance between the festival and my room. I remembered that some things in my room vibrated along with those deep tones of the sound. I also heard the roads in the distance, which were distorted by the soft wind. All these sounds together formed a kind of orchestra, which I was enormously fascinated by.

In my work, I try to translate this orchestra to another space. I do this by documenting low frequencies I find in my surroundings, and collecting sounds from the room where I live now, or where I present my work, to later combine all of it together by sculpting the sounds, and giving it a position in the space.


After this study, I want to primarily focus on collaboration. I hope to engage in numerous projects with other artists who excel in their own mediums, and gain multiple new insights on working with sound in a space. I also aim to refine and perfect the work I am currently creating, expanding and shaping it further. One thing that is high on my priority list is creating soundscapes/soundtracks for a film.

Learned during the studies

The most important thing I have learned is, I think, the ability to make radical choices (especially in my work, but it can also apply outside of it). Sometimes, when you're stuck, making small adjustments and subtle changes to your work doesn't bring the best results. In those moments, you need to take a step back and make a decision, a decision that rejuvenates your energy to continue moving forward.