Duurzaamheid en circulariteit


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This collection originated from thrown out clothing from the cycle. The items I received are garments that the thrift store could not sell and would be destroyed.
Giving new life to discarded clothing, I try to prevent the waste of these existing materials.

I look at the different elements that the garment has. I then use these elements to shape every outfit, so there is always a different outcome.
The looks are adaptable to different body types. This way there is no need to think about who will be the carrier of the garment and it will be more diverse.

When I create I try to look for shapes in my designs. I usually start with draping on the mannequin and don't know what the end result will be.

I am always looking for some big shapes, playfulness and use of fabrics around any human body. With these tools I am trying to achieve the shape I have in mind.

I never stop looking for, and learning new things. With my graduation collection I learned a lot about what’s important in fashion and how I can change it.

Artist statement

The garments I get consist of different materials, shapes and colors. My collection does not have everyday items of clothing. The garments are high-end fashion, I do this because of their uniqueness, material and shape. For example, I use certain selected garments that appeal to me in terms of shape, material and details. I let these come back in outfits and by having repetitive garments come back in different outfits I make sure it becomes a cohesive collection.

The garments that you see in my collection are garments that we often see in our daily lives such as: shirts, jeans, jackets. As a result, people recognize whatever is in their wardrobe, which makes them feel connected to the outfits and inspires them to reuse even more.

The clothing can be adapted to the body or made to measure, so that it appeals to a larger group of wearers. For me it is important that you can see a kind of recognition of the item of clothing used in every outfit.


I hope to find something in terms of stability in fashion and also to be able to work and show my own creativity for a big audience. but I will always be eager to learn and see what comes my way. Inspiring and educating people with my work is a good start.

Learned during the studies

I think we can always learn something in our lives. With my graduation collection I am more aware of how polluting the fashion industry is and how much clothing is produced but also lost. Because of my last internship where they often work with used clothing or materials, I was inspired by the possibilities and sustainability of this. If more people and designers start working in a more sustainable way, we can prevent this pollution. As a designer, I now want to contribute to this as well as possible and hopefully I can inspire others just as it did me then.

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King Kong Magazine ss23 Issue 15 / Naomi Sharon