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Virtual Monody

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Virtual Monody is a video installation with sculptural elements. It tells the story of a figure who is rediscovering digital artifacts that seemingly serve no purpose. In an obviously constructed world where everything feels shallow and empty, the objects serve as memoirs of a time past. A monody is performed and sung to give place to the intangible matter which has never received a proper place.

Artist statement

My work is strongly influenced by my experience growing up with video games. And specifically how one forms memories in spaces that are not tangible. I work will all kinds of different media to better understand my own relationship with the virtual (in the broader sense), which often results in video work, installation and performances.


I have like to keep looking for my boundaries in my work, and to be able to find connections and the confidence to keep broadening my workflow.
I also dream of having a place in Norway, where I can work on my art.

Learned during the studies

Working together with other people has been very rewarding Being at school has though also taught me to trust my gut feeling, and fuck up.

List of publications / exhibitions / prices / concerts / shows etc.

group exhibition
Háflæði - Lækningaminjasafninu,
Seltjarnarnes, Iceland

group exhibition
Omur, Ymur, Din, Dyn, Geimur
(sound art)
RYMD Reykjavik

group exhibition
Mottaka - Laurgardalslaug Reykjavik
(Collaboration with Lukas Picard)
Group exhibition
Rooted - Lauwerecht 10 Utrecht

Solo exhibition
A Quite Serious Joke
Old School Leiden

group exhibition
IMPAKT Festival 2020 Turning Torrents - AG

Collective group exhibition
Goede Oogst - RUIS Nijmegen (With Sjoerd
van der Heijden, Lisanne de Witt and Sam

group exhibition
ARENA - AG Utrecht (With Sjoerd van der
Heijden, Lisanne de Witt, Samp Tromp, Siem
de Boer and Pepi Schikowski)

group exhibition
Copenhagen Sydhavn Station

Performance/Group Exhibition
Watch - Peek, Pastoe Fabriek

Brammel Remembers

'Brammel Remembers' is a collection of stories surrounding the ungraspable nature of memories, in particular virtual memories and online memories of video games. Revisiting games from the past, and remembering the experiences made in the digital realm, is confusing for many reasons: There are for example not many common ways and rituals of remembering the digital yet. 'Brammel Remembers' aims at better understanding these lost virtual memories by analyzing them through a personal and collective storytelling.

Exchange Iceland

The exchange program to Listahaskoli in Iceland in 2018 was extremely fun and meaningful.