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Untitled (partition)

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With this series of paintings in particular, it’s the painted reflective suggestion with which I want to create some sort of immersive element, in relation to the viewer. This, as well as the dividing line of the two canvases, adds to the association one might have. For me, it questions figurative painting in general, because, in fact, there aren’t any doors- or more specifically elevator doors- depicted, but it’s the idea of this subject which arises in this way.

Artist statement

Within the work I make right now, I generally try to find ways to influence the perception of the viewer. I strive to do so by working with techniques that involve manipulations of the underlying layer, so that it’s the motifs and scratches I apply on this layer that become visible through the painted image. In this way, the texture of the subject is often intensified, which creates a shift from the surface of the painting itself, to the surface of the subject matter. It’s particularly this conversion that intrigues me.

As of recent, the reiteration of depicting a subject became quite important; it continuously provides new perspectives. The ongoing questions about interpretation and the relation between figuration and abstraction, keep my practice dynamic.


Above all, I would want to have a working environment where my practice can keep evolving.

Learned during the studies

That it's important for me to have a structure in the way I work, and that I really valued the continuous conversations with students and teachers.

List of publications / exhibitions / prices / concerts / shows etc.

2021 Virtual Empathy groupshow
AG, Utrecht


2022 The NEXT: KapSalon groupshow
Herman van Veen Arts Center, Soest

2022 PEEK Pastoe groupshow
HKU Fine Art, Utrecht

2023 A Touch of Light groupshow
Museum Kranenburgh, Bergen

2023 TRAILER groupshow
AG, Utrecht

2023 PARTITIONS duo-show
Galerie Gerhard Hofland, Amsterdam

2023 HKU Exposure graduation show
HKU Fine Art, Utrecht