Duurzaamheid en circulariteit


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The installation consists out of continuously changing objects. The installations consists out of discarded belongings which were found on the streets of Amsterdam. The colorful cryptic text spray painted on the objects invites the viewer into the world of our waste. The objects are taken from the street, painted and placed back onto the street creating small playful spaces. All items are free to be taken and will be replaced by newly discarded items found on the street.

Artist statement

I am a social designer who enjoys exploring our relations with each other and our environment. People are peculiar and interesting beings. Through the playful use of color and engaging installations I create a space for dialogue around socio-cultural topics. By creating an interaction with a low threshold between people, people and object or people and a space. Often these are located in the public space. Art is the tool I use to initiate change and understanding.I hope to nudge people in the right direction to listen more to each other, themselves and the environment. With my projects I have touched on topics such as homelessness, consumerism and pollution.


Within five years I will be working abroad in places where the issues of social divide or waste production are far larger than the Netherlands. Working alongside government institutions I hope to create change together with those affected by these issues.

Learned during the studies

In order to receive the desired result you must try, look, reflect and repeat. Within this proces of trying there is no right or wrong. Every try gives us an insight into why we want to create something in a certain way.

List of publications / exhibitions / prices / concerts / shows etc.

Art Participation in:
- Wildeburg 2022
- Watdajel 2022
- Wildeburg 2023
- Ploegendienst 2023
- Into The Woods 2023