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My graduation work primarily focuses on careful observation in my daily life and documenting it through various means, including writing a journal, taking photographs, making notes, and more. I have transformed these sources of inspiration and my memories into photography, as well as a publication, zines, capturing my floating memories and personal experiences.

Artist statement

I make photography and publications as a way to express my stories, imaginations, concepts and ideas. I have been focusing on carefully and meticulously observing my daily life ever since I have had a big feeling of anxiety inside of me. This led myself to significantly concentrate on the ordinary stuff of everyday life that can be easily missed, unconsciously or consciously. Simultaneously, I try to draw out a subtle beauty of being dull as my artistic practice but also for myself personally, therefore, I take this method of 'observation' as a way of handling the anxiety and sticks to mundaneness that can make myself feel composed.

For me, documenting is a big part of my life. It has been a daily routine of mine to write in a journal which is my biggest inspiration and source, which has a great impact on my artistic practice. Thus, I give shape to an idea by diving deeply into my own archive, this naturally brings up my experiences and from there develops into a visual presentation.


I want to continue creating and gain experiences in diverse artistic fields.

Learned during the studies

What I have learned during my four years of study is the self-exploration and understanding. Through my artistic practice, I was able to reaffirm my interest and passion for photography.