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Chiou Mian Lin is fascinated by texture and sees beautiful aesthetics in irregular patterns. Looking at these patterns can be uncomfortable for people, which is called Trypophobia, or the fear of clusters of small holes or bumps. But Lin experiences the opposite, she likes looking at and touching the patterns. Taking Trypophobia as a starting point, she investigates this uncanny, uncomfortable and uncertain feeling in relation to the normality that is deemed acceptable.

The stillness of the sculptures is contrasted by a little cat with angry eyebrows and a fierce tail. Standing against the installation, maybe trying to push it away or move it to a better spot, the cat brings a certain playfulness to the installation. It might be mimicking the artistic process of Lin, in which experiments with materiality are central.

The sculptures, placed together in three installations, bring corals or anemones to mind. Lin calls them creatures, or beings, that are just here, for some reason. They might interact with each other; they might be silent. They just exist – sitting, standing, laying in their constructed landscapes, inviting the public to come closer, bend down, look at them. If you’re not afraid of holes, that is.

Artist statement

I make my works out of intuition and knowledge. I bend, fix and hide the imperfections from this world to create a speculative fiction worlding.


Currently, I have no idea what the future will bring. I do want to continue with what I have built so far and develop my skills further. I would like to focus more on the interaction between the childish, comical fantasy aspect in contrast with seriousness and daily life.

Learned during the studies

The space to understand my own needs and longings. Usually, I have been raised with what others want. What do I, as an individual, really want.

List of publications / exhibitions / prices / concerts / shows etc.

2022- "The Conference of the Birds"; Group Collaboration with artist duo Sander Breure and Witte van Hulzen, AG Gallery, Utrecht (NL)
2022- "Nothing is the Same"; Group Collaboration with artist duo Sander Breure and Witte van Hulzen, Galerie Larik, Utrecht (NL)
2020- "Carol Santa Fe"; Group Exhibition, Utrecht Central Station, Utrecht (NL)

2022-BK informatie Magazine, June edition