Diversiteit en inclusiviteit

unluca★★★ live, an audiovisual, hyperpop Vocaloid show

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This live show is an attempt to find a way to do live performance that is original and stays true to my artistic identity (which is broadly that I'm queer and like anime). By combining original Vocaloid pop songs with homemade 3D animations, I construct a story about a depressed college student who finds out her laptop has supernatural powers. It's a little tongue-in-cheek, a lot magical girl anime and 100% supposed to turn off your cringe-inhibitors so we can have some fun and feel some feelings together. Below, you can find some songs from the live show (if they don't work in your browser, you can right click and select "open audio in new tab"), all vocals are by my favorite virtual singer Eleanor Forte and her 3D model is by Pikadude31451. The artwork is by me.

Artist statement

My credo is that I want my work to contain musical and/or thematic tension, an earnest emotional core and a sense of playfulness. I apply this philosophy to many different creative pursuits (a couple examples are at the bottom of this page), but my focus is on writing hyper- and artpop songs. Although these songs are sung by a vocal synthesizer (think: Hatsune Miku), they cover human topics like the internet and the intolerable cringe of remembering your past self. Sometimes they're silly and fun, sometimes they're heartfelt and touching, but ideally they're all of these things at the same time.


First and foremost I want to release more music and more regularly play gigs, hopefully garnering a niche audience on the way. Besides that, I'd also love to do applied songwriting; whether for TV shows, theater productions, VTubers or anything else. Creatively, I want to push myself to create more conceptual works that nonetheless retain my playfulness and shameless sincerity. In general, it's my dream to bring vocal synth music to people my age who consider it nothing more than a gimmick; I want to prove that a computer voice can make you feel something real.

Learned during the studies

Music theory is a means to an end, not an end in itself. Complicated musical ideas can be used to communicate something, but it's become much more important to me to have a clear idea of what it is that I want to communicate than to impress people with odd time signatures and weird chord progressions. Sport competitions are for showing off your abilities, art shouldn't be.

Serial Experiments Swift

Mega pop star Taylor Swift and ever-dissociating lesbian computer wizard Lain from Serial Experiments Lain don't seem to have much in common, but is that actually the case? In an alternate universe where Taylor Swift makes music that Lain would listen to, what would that music sound like? Don't we all just want to be loved and head bang along to the Need for Speed: Most Wanted soundtrack? The result of these thought experiments is Serial Experiments Swift, a kind of mashup-based opera wherein Taylor sings over breakbeats, rap metal tracks and orchestral soundtrack music, and audio fragments from Serial Experiments Lain provide an emotional through line.

i think i'm in the void now, lol

i think i'm in the void now, lol is a surrealist radio play about loneliness in which someone finds herself in a literal void, a place of infinite darkness. It's inspired by the way people on Twitter (including me) will sometimes just post their darkest thoughts for the whole world to see. Although often veiled in self-deprecating humor and internet lingo, I think these tweets are essentially cries for help.

Voice acting is by Sietske Brockhoff and Armani van Engelen. Sound design, script and music are by me. This was actually my first time writing a script, it was a lot fun and I'd like to do more of it in the future.