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unidentified emotions and good fortune

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My presentation 'unidentified emotions and good fortune' shows a selection of paintings made over the last semester. Each painting tries to find a way to express the feeling, the moment in time i was making it. Capturing myself and my surroundings instantaneously and expressing what words might fail to say.

I believe that the paintings become autonomous after i have made them, therefore each painting carries the opportunity to not only reflect me, but to to become a mirror for every new viewer observing the painting.
The following photo shows a detail shot of my painting DOGDAYS, which also was in my presentation.

Artist statement

Pepi Schikowski paints spontaneous and impulsive images, created with active energy, joy and strong curiosity. An orange face, a prancing pink horse and a smiling person showing their literal hourglass body are just a few of the more than life-size figures portrayed in Schikowski’s wild brushstrokes and saturated colours.
Schikowski draws every day, making sketches and scribbles, both analogue and digital. These sketches result in a growing collection spread across his studio. These drawings form the basis of his works, he looks around, browses through his sketches and chooses one to turn into a painting. Working fast and energetic, it takes him only a couple of hours to finish a work. He strives to keep it as quick and honest as possible; the painting needs to be done the second it starts to want to exist. Carried out in monumental proportions, the immediacy is thrilling and a striking dedication to the poetry of painting.


In the next 5 years i want to further develop my paintings, diving into evermore questions that need answers.
furthermore i am moving right after graduation to Berlin to establish myself there. tho staying connected in Amsterdam by coming back for further education like rijksacademy or de ateliers is very important to me. i want to stay connected to the home i have made here while being able to make new homes wherever i go.

Learned during the studies

i learned how to paint.

List of publications / exhibitions / prices / concerts / shows etc.

September i have a show at Marian Cramer projects in Amsterdam
November i will have a show in Arti Amsterdam as one of the prize winners of the Buning Brongers Prize


It is a meta text on recipes to make bad painting.

ive only made one project

check the other stuff