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Un cas bashi y un hogar yen di memoria. (An empty house but a home full of memories)

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The Red Thread of my recent projects has been the feeling of disconnection, distance, and of being misplaced.
My current project also seems to follows that same thread.
My current project is about my endless search for home.
a mix between nostalgia & homesickness,
an emotion that I and many Caribbeans/Internationals struggle with.
but it's also about grief & acceptance,
acceptance that you can never go back even if you go back “home”.

Artist statement

As an artist I tend to stay close to myself and my culture.
I try to bring the subject that i'm documenting close to myself
And document it from the inside out.
I'm interested in unpopular or unseen perspectives.
In a way I try to use my medium to always feel connected to my "Home".
To me photography is a constant search for connection.
A way to stay in touch with the world,
A way stay in touch with myself and with people I care about.
In touch with what I don't understand but want to understand.
For me photography and spoken work almost go hand in hand,
It is easy for people to stop reading when they get distracted by other things,
by using spoken word the message and feeling subconsciously stays with the viewer.
In my recent projects I been exploring the feeling of disconnection, the feeling of distance and the feeling of being misplaced
I want my work to open up conversations within my community.
I just want my work to be a voice.


I would love for my work to be known by the world but now I also think about it I also find it important to stay close to my roots and be known as a local artist on my island (Aruba).

Learned during the studies

how to be more than just a photographer that takes pretty pictures I learned how to tell a story and how to bring it to life in a way that makes people feel something.