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The game I have worked on for Graduation is "u + me = love". This is a math game for junior high school students which trains their reading comprehension in an arithmetic environment. In the game, the players help Mathew grow closer with his crush, so he can eventually ask her out for prom. Every level of the game has a new obstacle Mathew has to get past, which is presented to the players like a puzzle similar in style as the math problems they can encounter in class and on math tests.

Artist statement

I'm a 2D game artist who specializes in character design and concept art. I enjoy writing in my free time and always put a lot of thought into the characters I create, to properly let their personality shine through in their appearance and let their designs have a lasting impact on the audience. With my additional narrative design skills, I can make the characters come to life long before they end up in the game they're meant for; this is what makes my work unique.


I would like to work as an all-round 2D game artist in a smaller company; preferably as a character artist, of course, but I'm a flexible worker and would love to work on other aspects of the games I'll be working on as well.

Learned during the studies

The most important thing I've learned from my time at HKU is creative problem-solving. Plenty of times has it happened things didn't turn out the way I had planned- which required me to think of a timely solution, and each and every time I've figured out ways to make it work. The fact I know my way around Unity and have picked up the roles of both game designer as well as game developer in projects before, has helped me a lot with this, and I'm glad to have all the necessary skills under my belt to be able to find an alternative route to get to the desired outcome.