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the interactive installation shows us the dark aspects of sound through steganography. An age-old practice that is experiencing a revival in the digital age, where sound can become a tool for hidden messages. The installation shows how we can deploy sound in a hostile way and use it as secret communication and information. The font is made entirely of frequencies, which are then sent to a digital spectrum analyzer for a visual audio analysis. A spectrum analyzer is an instrument that graphically displays signal amplitude as a function of frequency, in the frequency domain. The interactivity of the installation shows the manipulation of sound through sound effects and how it can visually hide the messages. The work aims to increase our understanding of sound and encourage visitors to consider the complex interplay between sound, perception and the potential risks of audio manipulation.

Artist statement

Tom van Osch is dedicated to exploring the boundaries of experimental graphic design and video art. With his extensive skills in various software programs, he creates unique and engaging visual images that push the limits of traditional design. His expertise in sound design gives his approach to graphic design a unique perspective. Through his work, he seeks to challenge and inspire audiences, exploring new perspectives through the use of software and sound, making his work innovative. His work reflects his passion for creativity and his commitment to pushing the boundaries of what is possible in the world of technology and sound.


Tom sees his passion for experimenting within software and sound growing significantly. He wants to start his own practice and create visual expressions for companies, but also continue to grow in his own work, which is separate from that.

Learned during the studies

Constantly challenging yourself to discover what you do not yet know, that is what it is all about. Trusting in it and doing something with it, becoming completely obsessed with it until you have what you want. And when you have found it, giving it the right shape and applying it to what you have found it for.

Overview of publications / exhibitions / prizes / concerts / performances, etc.

Project Hortum, Pepijn Zuiderveld - Publication (2021)
Glory Wall, Kapitaal Utrecht - Exhibition (2021)
Speelveld, Academie Galerie Utrecht - Exhibition (2020)