Ander maatschappelijk thema


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In a whimsical alternate universe, you are an appraisal expert tasked with valuing a curious trinket collection through..
.. quirky interactions;
.. exploring the visual narratives;
.. ranking them using eccentric currencies such as ‘tumble dried socks’ and ‘banjo solo's from a frog’.

[an illustrative mouse-controlled adventure.]

Find me at exposure july first at the IBB location and view the project on ✶

✶ Artist Statement ✶

Every visual I create attests to my ambition to create wonder, joy & connection for the viewer.

I work towards visually immersive illustrations with narrative theme's (such as escapism, magical realism and queerness) woven through.

✶ Ambition ✶

Ultimately, I want to have the means to create several small projects I can be proud of. 

More illustrative collections, zines, games and small wonders. 

✶ Learned @ HKU ✶

I learned through experience how to handle creative projects, from creating a pitch you're enthusiastic about to exploratory illustrations to an interactive final product.

✶ Other Work ✶

Besides this project, I've worked on two other games during my time at the HKU.

Opus Unsolved

Ray's Abandoned Arboretum