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Interactieve kunst
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Quartus Vlak
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TRIGGRRD is an experimental live music performance with a vision on rhythms, inspired by beats & bass orientated genres.
With only a few checkpoints prepared, everything in between is ever fresh and new.
TRIGGRRD is striving forward, making people dance to stretch both legs and comfort zones.

triggered. adjective, (of a mechanism) activated by a trigger.
The triggers on the drums give the possibility to activate synths and filters.
They strengthen, manipulate and change the conventional role of drums by adding textures, melody, harmony and samples.
By using sensory data to manipulate both audio and visual aspects of the performance, TRIGGRRD provides a unique experience.
Every instrument is an extension, addition and completion for each other.

TRIGGRRD pushes the movement and future of experimental live music forward.
TRIGGRRD sees potential in contemporary rhythms, timings and timbre that are loved by many, but need xenogamy for future development and diverse audience.

TRIGGRRD consist of:
Quartus Vlak - drums & electronics
Aron Smit - drums & electronics
Kit Davies - direct audio deconstruction, sonic manipulation & electronics
Hans Vermunt - synths

Bas van Dolderen - visuals