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Trick of the Light

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Skin, warmth, intimacy. In this dreamy indie pop group, LLouise has combined her senses with her fascination for the human experience. Working together with a light artist, a four piece band and a vocal surprise, you will hear light and agile melodies combine with the dark and moody harmony to welcome you into a musical world without expectations - soar away, be alert, sink into yourself, let dance take over: do whatever your body asks…
Here is a short snippet of one of the songs you can expect to hear at my performance, called "Charmer of the People".

Artist statement

Songwriter, vocalist and guitarist Louise had a nomadic upbringing all around Europe. Now, inspired by artists like Agnes Obel, Moses Sumney and Eefje de Visser, she connects her love for textures, colours and contrast to her fascination with the human experience, using light, agile melodies over dark and moody harmony to put you into an atmospheric world full of story.


I want to continue to write and tour with my current project Trick of the Light, and I plan to start work on a visual album for it after I've completed my Master of Music. I also love to sing backing vocals, so I hope to find plenty of work in that field with music that I love. Finally, writing is my main focus, so I hope to be working as a co-writer, collaborator or topliner with other musicians.

Learned during the studies

The most important thing I learned is that your growth doesn't necessarily depend on your teachers - for me it depended largely on my relationship with my peers, on the musical community in the Netherlands in general and on my ability to listen to what I wanted to pursue. You need to learn when to listen to your teachers, and when to be stubborn and go against them.

List of publications / exhibitions / prices / concerts / shows etc.

Friday 2nd of June at 12:30 in Cloud 9 Tivoli Vredenburg (free!).
Friday 23rd of June at 20:30 in ZIMIHC Zuilen (tickets €10)