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I explore the ever-evolving nature of thoughts and perceptions of the world. My paintings and collages, crafted from photographs, depict this ongoing process of transformation. The narrative of my work continuously develops, making the journey of discovering new emotions exciting. By rearranging ordinary objects and landscapes, I create forms with new functions, imparting an unusual feeling to familiar scenes. This prompts us to question our perceptions and enhances our understanding of basic features in relation to our experiences with different locations.
An infinite array of closely packed dots
Fragments of a broken mirror cover the ground
I feel a strange sensation within me

Artist statement

I specialize in photographing ordinary landscapes that evoke deep memories and profound emotions. By incorporating the concept of a floater, I materialize both negative and positive spaces within my work. From my collection of photographs, I carefully select images to create collages. I cut out the desired forms and reposition them within the composition to enhance the narrative. This process highlights the interaction between nature and myself, allowing for a personal and reflective exploration.
Through observation, I revisit and evoke similar experiences I’ve had with each location, fostering a sense of identity and transformation. Additionally, I translate my photographic inspirations onto larger canvases, painting intuitively to capture my emotional responses. I manipulate the shapes and scale of the original forms, embracing transformation. By working with layers, I create dynamic and evolving interactions within my paintings, further expressing the fluid relationship between nature and personal experience.


I never limit myself in my creative process and am always ready for unexpected results. I strive to explore different mediums to witness the potential of my thoughts becoming reality.

Learned during the studies

I've learned to communicate with others and use their feedback to enhance my work. With numerous options to explore, I often had to set priorities for myself. I realized that the composition of the space around my work plays a crucial role in its presentation, so I focused on this aspect. Additionally, every detail of my decision-making process was essential throughout my studies, as it influenced the overall concept of my work.


I find composition significant in my work. My primary fascination lies in the act of observing and comprehending reflective surfaces, delving into microscopic images that unveil the intricate working of internal organs. My fascination grows by dissecting the negative and positive space of the composition to see the effect that has on my work. I want to break the norms of the positive space confined as being prominent and accentuate the possibility that the negative space has in the composition. In the act of adjusting the balance of the complementary space I realized transformation plays a role in my research. The negative space surrounds and intersects with the subject, essentially filling the gaps within the positive space. While it may not contain any tangible substance itself, negative space influences the overall composition, balance, and perception of the work. Throughout my research I will interact with objects that resonate with me emotionally. I am presenting my perception of the world through photographs, connecting them with memories and emotions.