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The wonderful existences of alien life

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I am creating an alien that lives on an existing exoplanet. I want to create an alien that is not based upon common stereotypes when thinking of an alien nor that it would just look like it has been placed in an environment without correct context.

I am creating firstly a 2d rendering of the alien and then I will translate it to a 3d game-ready model. Then I will present my alien in virtual reality to give the public a closer eye on how and where the alien lives as for I want to make the alien come alive before their eyes.

Artist statement

Hi! I am Tika Sara Kroon and I am specialized in 2d and 3d creatures. But my passion lies in creating sci-fi aliens and armor that will catch the public eye. I want to create aliens that would fit into their worlds and that come forward instead of being just put down there.


I am going to take another bachelor's to further hone my skills and critical thinking. That is going to take another 4 years but I know that a bachelor will be worth it. I do have a goal in mind where I want to work at so I want to maximize my time there to work towards that goal. I won't tell you where I want to work, that I will keep to myself for the time being ;)

Learned during the studies

I think getting to know my weaknesses and strengths is the most important thing I've learned at the HKU. I know what my pitfalls are and I will take that to the other study. But I also got to know what the gaming industry is, what kind of programs they use and how it further develops.