Ander maatschappelijk thema

The Timekeeper

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Time has been studied for many centuries. It is being explored in religion, philosophy and science yet it remains mysterious.
The Timekeeper is inspired by ancient devices, which measure short periods of time without indicating time. A human action sets time in motion. Time exists in the shifting of grains, the melting of wax or the dripping of water.
A short film captures similar processes, in which I investigate my own rhythm.

Artist statement

Sometimes an idea forms material, sometimes material forms an idea. Capturing something means that I can postpone the transience of my subjects and memories. In making images, I explore the immaterial and emotional world. Themes such as dreams, death and time are visually dissected. I try to capture the seemingly elusive.


My work is interdisciplinary and I feel like I am never done learning. Working with new materials and techniques gets me excited. Welding, 3D-animation and sounddesign are skills I still wish to develop. I would like to make more sculptural work. I hope to set up my own projects and I am open to collaborations.

Learned during the studies

Taking the time to thoroughly explore my fascinations.