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The roads are dusty, the youth is alive

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The photo installation Une arrita, I arrived stems from the trip I made to Kosovo.
During this trip, I used my own experiences and memories to explore what it would have been like to be part of the culture in the country where I was not born. And how this, can often lead to a sense of confrontation. Confrontation with being neither insider nor outsider. In this work, I shed light on Kosovan childhood and by positioning myself in different situations I try to explore the important place that carries many memories of my childhood. The house of my grandfather, the makeup school Dafina Neziri, and the Kosovo Independence Day. I acted as a bridge between two places and two cultures, so to speak, and this project allowed me to take some objective distance and be able to reflect on my hybrid identity.

Artist statement

Arta Samakova’s interest lies in capturing first moments whose practice blends documentary, photography and video. Merged with her keen sense of curiosity she creates works that showcase the dialogue in ordinary life in which identity, behavior and memories are important themes. She often sees her work as a process that is always ongoing and never finished.


I would like to travel to places that make me grow as a creative and as a person emotionally and culturally. I see myself in a position where i am centered and this way, flexible to move in any way i'd like to. Ideally, surrounded by creatives, creating.

Learned during the studies

To orientate yourself very broadly as a creative and also to go into areas where you were not active before.