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"The rain hasn't come yet"

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"Liminal space
A space between spaces.

Where I am is merely a seat at the bus stop.

A moment of waiting, some people might say. These people.. they are just waiting to arrive at the destination.
What destination?
Are they aware that they have time? This time.
Liminal space
Quiet time, flooded by phones.
We don't dare to be without the constant stimulation. How boring to sit with your own thoughts for a while.
How scary,
for you might actually get to know yourself.

Because who are you, if not the quiet thoughts rarely spoken out loud.
Others are looking for the destination,

in a feeling moreso than a place,
that is where I find myself."

Artist statement

Jenneke Dijk incorporates photos from her everyday life into her paintings. By merging fragments from the images, Dijk takes each photo out of context, and, by doing so, provides them with a new sense of meaning. She arranges the photos based on their colors, shapes, and atmospheres. While not immediately apparent, surrealist undertones permeate her paintings. Do these plants come from inside or outside the house? And where is that man's
head, anyway? Those questions only sink in after a while, because Dijk manages to makethe strange seem normal.
In her thesis, she explored the question; "How do my paintings communicate?" Dijk let several people reflect on her painting The rain hasn’t come yet (2022). By doing so, many different stories regarding the content of this work emerged. Her paintings stand out for their openness. Dijk provides the audience with numerous perspectives and small alienating facets to immerse you in her recreated everyday life.
text: Hagar Schuringa


My ambition is to start my own business.
I went to art school because I have always been creative and I wanted to explore that. I managed to do this in more ways than one. My focus at school was painting, and this will always hold a special place in my heart. But personally I do so much more. I like sewing, crocheting, drawing, painting, etc. Really any creative field you can think of.
And so my dream is to combine these things into a business,
think of a store with all unique, handmade products. Like upcycling clothing and selling unique presents.
This will start as an online business, but who knows maybe it can turn into a real store in the future. It's scary to admit all this, because what if I don't manage to do this?
At least I'll know that I tried my hardest to make my dream come true.

Learned during the studies

The most important thing I learned during my time at art school, is to stay true to myself.
There is so much happening in the studios, let alone the art world. It's hard to stick to your gut and do what you want to do. But if you don't? Then how authentic will your art be..
I learned what I want to create, and how to voice my opinons. I see my time at art school as really valuable, I learned so much about myself. It's a crazy experience, that prepares you for the world.