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The Puppeteer's Troupe

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The Puppeteer's Troupe is a tabletop role-playing game of imposed roles and archetypes.

Players (known as the Troupe) are whisked away in their dreams by the Puppeteer, and placed into archetypes starkly opposed to their own, real-life personalities.

Playing as these archetypes, the Troupe is placed in a completely randomised play (be it a quest, a tragedy, a comedy) wherein they must adhere to their archetype's character while trying to deal with whatever the Play throws at them.

Artist statement

I believe that interactive experiences carry the unique ability to share experiences in an inherently immersive way; they can establish a deeper level of understanding and empathy in its participant.
As a game designer, I wish to use this 'superpower' that games have; employing it in the development of experiences that centre around challenges faced by people, to others who don't, haven't, or cannot experience them in their daily life.
Whether it be a tabletop RPG that aims to convey the feeling of gender dysphoria, or a dreamscape simulator revolving around the fear of dreaming; it hones in on why I personally play games, and why I make them.


For the next two years, I'll be working on a master's programme in information design at Design Academy Eindhoven. Here I hope to develop a deeper understanding of my preferred medium of interaction and develop a final thesis project that helps exemplify my creative identity as a game maker.
My dream is to be able to undertake projects I believe in, as freely as possible. I'd love to involve people who are passionate and knowledgeable in the many fields where I am severely lacking, and rich in experiences much unlike my own.

Learned during the studies

HKU made me define for myself what I want my creations to achieve. It taught me how to take an idea from its abstract origin into a tangible final artefact, importantly without losing the things which made that idea special and valuable in the first place.