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The Magnitude

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It all started when I wanted more control over my Identity.
What about you, do you have control over your Identity?

The Magnitude Platform!
My project where I talk to some great people about what Identity means to them.
The good, the bad, and the total elusive reality.
Through our conversations, we try to find out what tools we can take with us to better balance our work and private life, in our quest to find control during the growth within your Identity.
With the core question, what does identity mean to you? And how are you dealing with it? E.g. on a personal, genetic, social, cultural, and national level.

These conversations can be heard on the podcast ( The Magnitude Platform can be found in the link through my socials or website from the end of June 2022 ) from the conversations I have had with these wonderful people, I extract important highlights of their stories that grow within their Identity. I finalize that into a custom print, which you can see on the satin scarves. these can be used in several ways apart from the wall decoration.
I will continue this project long after I graduate. Because in a different way I come into contact with everything and everyone that I find important at the moment and that will not change anytime soon.

This project is the start of my Brave Space Platform which I want to have active on a large scale.
Deze setting is boven in het atelier gedeelte net als de setting met de rode bank
Om te weten waar we het over hebben gehad check dan de podcast via de socials of mijn website
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Here I have some still frames from some conversations I recorded for the podcast so you have a bit of an idea of what some of the settings look like in my studio.
This is in the boutique which is connected to the studio. It is the boutique of, among others, the fashion designer Marjorie Fernandes. Where we were allowed to do one of the first recordings during the opening of the shop.
This is one of the ways you can look back on the designs when you place it as an art piece in your favorite space.
The designs you see here are the highlights of my own discovery journey within my identity of the past period. This was the start of my project, which I then started doing together with other people by starting a conversation with them about identity and its meaning/impact.
Please contact me if you would like to know what the designs mean to me personally and how they still help me to keep my focus and be proud of what I have achieved.

Artist statement

MY COLORFUL MESS was founded in 2017,

which Cheyenn Pinas could immediately start as a freelance Graphic Design and Illustrator Studio at home. In a short period of time My Colorful Mess is changing into an umbrella organization under which she has developed into a Multidisciplinary Designer. Where Cheyenn now also exhibits and sells all her work separately from the freelance work and also increasingly organizes events.

MY COLORFUL MESS is a collection of thoughts, transformed into images and physical art, from a colorful, energetic Designer. Who likes to share her abundance of inspiration and curiosity, with the rest of the world, in the most cheerful and colorful, creative way possible.


All the designs/work you will find here cannot be compartmented and that's a good thing. Cheyenn wants everything to work together and for every material to tell its own story, even if it comes from the same collection. Each item can be viewed together or separately. The intention is that the way of working and the outlook of Cheyenn through
MY COLORFUL MESS on the world, others inspire. But also to pass on certain messages without having to say them out loud or write them down

"I am a creator but also a storyteller. The colors Fuchsia Pink, Papaya Yellow, Mandarin Orange, and Warm Lilac are my favorite colors, which I like to work with for private projects and I love to wear them. They are the colors of home. The fun I experience at home and the friends I surround myself with. You know, when color is a feeling!

With my diversity in expertise, working style and designs, I want to take people with me to live and work unapologetically. That's what I'm aiming for and I hope it all comes together on the MY COLORFUL MESS platform!"


By September 2022, I want to have a colorful Brave Space where different creatives (whether working in the art sector or not) can come together to explore questions such as: How do we communicate with each other? How do you translate your current situation? In what ways can we meet? How do we take care of each other? How do we move forward? That has become a hybrid project, in which this community meets in online events and physical meetings, all facilitated through an online platform.

Following on from this, I want to give lectures from The Magnitude Platform at primary schools about what identity is because you can never start early enough. In addition, I would like to be in the theater once a month to start this conversation in a fun interactive way about identity with the audience in a different way than I normally do.

When this is successful, I will take it to an international level.

Learned during the studies

That my different ambitions and skillset can come together in a beautiful way without it getting chaotic. You don't necessarily have to choose one discipline, but you have to know how to use it.
You have to follow your gut feeling. That you can be bold and apply your view on a topic the Cheyenn way, as some teachers say.

List of publications / exhibitions / prices / concerts / shows etc.


- Share Your Art ( S.Y.A.) | 2019
- Share Your Art ( S.Y.A.) | 2021
- Rotterdam Art Week | Unity in Diversity | 2022
- Graduation Show | EXPOSURE | 2022

Follow me on my socials or my website for upcoming projects and exhibition updates

My Manifesto by Cheyenn Pinas

This is my manifesto from where I started working instead of making a further research report. Here the first points become clear, with how I stand in life at the moment. What my vision is in its entirety and what I want to achieve with my company in the coming period. Of course I did my research, but this is how I wanted to show it, during this process within my graduation process