Diversiteit en inclusiviteit

The Last Meal

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,,Hope dies last’’ but what comes right before? - The Last Meal is a audio visual sonic journey that presents a metaphorical interpretation of the historic traditions of last meals before a condemned prisoner's execution.
As the artist, I invite the audience to attend my final performance before (so they shall believe) having to retire from music— a celebration of life, cloaked in the representation of a condemned soul's final moment.
The multidisciplinary musical theater piece is a celebration of life, yet it confronts the harsh reality faced by many aspiring artists who find themselves prematurely forced to abandon their dreams before getting a chance to be seen. The performance raises questions about hope in an uncertain time. Combining music & script by LØU and visuals by WANG XOO, it's a journey of confrontation, grief, and ambition, prompting reflection on our generation's future amidst diminishing resources and an uncertain economic system.
Scheduled for June 20th at the Pieter Baan Centrum in Utrecht, a former forensic prison, the show merges history and remarkable architecture to amplify its message. It invites Utrecht's citizens to confront mental imprisonment and introspection, embracing all emotions to foster personal and societal growth.

Marie-Louise Sauter - composer, artistic director, vocals, keys, synth, acting
Paul Ebert - drums
Erwin Eigenraam - electronics
Emile Hillen - Bass Guitar, Synth Bass
Duccio Falchi - Guitar
Marte Teuben - backing vocalist, Actress 2
Emma Breukelen - backing vocalist
Vincent Nolden - Clarinette, Saxophon
Jip Louwen - Choir, movement & dance
Rosa van Bommel - choir, movement & dance
Konstantin Schreiber - Actor, vocalist
Huy Quang Tran - VJING, Visual Artist

Artist statement

I celebrate the fluidity of life and identity as a genre fluid producer and music performance Artist fusing elements of indie, electronics and r&b into one immersive sound. In live settings I breakdown the binary system of audience and performer by blending my music with 3D visuals, theater and movement, creating one massive audio visual live show madness.

I believe as artists artists we carry a collective responsibility to use our public voice to educate and provoke in some shape or form.


My ambition is simple: I want to move art forward. I see my work as an experiment, enjoying both failure and success, reflecting the uncertainty of our times. No one has all the answers, and neither do I. But that doesn’t mean I don’t know who I am. One can not know and still move forward. I experiment, sometimes creating something amazing, other times not. We need people who break the mold and make it their own. That's the lesson I hope my artistic voice conveys.

Learned during the studies

To say I do to succeed
is as to say
I live to die.
I don't.
I live & then I die
I do & then I succeed.
A natural uncontrollable process.

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Graduation Show ,, The Last Meal'' by 20th June 2024
by LØU (Marie-Lou Sauter)
location: Former Pieter Baan Centrum, Gansstraat 180 , Utrecht