Diversiteit en inclusiviteit

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Dit afstudeerproject werpt licht op het thema van oordelen en vooroordelen binnen cultuur, geloof en levensstijl. De diepgaande fascinatie voor de contrasten tussen naaktheid en bedekking vormt de kern van mijn werk. Deze elementen laat ik samensmelten met gedurfde inspiratiekeuzes op het gebied van geloof, en met expressieve vormen om een krachtige uitstraling te weergeven. Met deze collectie wil ik mensen volledig onderdompelen in een ervaring die mijn verhaal vertelt en een boodschap die ons bewuster maakt van onze leefgewoontes.

Artist statement

Having grown up in diverse cultures, I have observed that people in each culture treat one another differently. This has piqued my fascination with human behavior. I am always attentive to my surroundings, and as a designer, I express myself through art by addressing issues that concern me. I believe it is crucial to examine how individuals interact with one another.


My objective is to raise awareness about the subjects I choose and prompt people to reflect on their lifestyle choices through experiencing my stories or wearing my designs. Before delving into a topic, I conduct research to determine if others share similar experiences, which serves as my inspiration. I incorporate recurring elements in my designs, blending them with boldness, impactful aesthetics, and distinct shapes. This approach aims to immerse individuals in an experience that conveys my narrative, whether through film, photography, or any other medium. Each endeavor presents a new challenge, yet I am unafraid to express my convictions.

Learned during the studies

Throughout my bachelor's journey, I have discovered my individuality within the fashion world. Creativity can manifest itself in countless ways, and it is both recognized and embraced. This encouragement fuels my drive to bring out the best in myself.