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The International Flying Horse Club

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The International Flying Horse Club is a project inspired by the Greek mythological story of Pegasus: the beautiful winged horse that symbolizes strength, artistic inspiration and freedom. He is known for his heroic and magical deeds, such as creating the Hippocrene: a magic watercourse that would give you poetic inspiration after drinking from it.
My work is a response to this story, introducing Flying Horse (they/them). They keep on flying in between real and unreal, magic and tragic, meaningful and meaningless. From a personal perspective I tell my story of Flying Horse.
I reflect on how a once made-up character can become a symbol to many. The inspiration and intuitive artistic freedom provided by Flying Horse expressed itself in multimedia work, such as the video work I made that can be seen during Exposure. Besides making visual work, this year I have also been focused on making soundscape/audio/music, of which you will be able to hear some together with the video I made during Exposure.

Artist statement

Like a Flying Horse that flies in many different ways, so do I.
Having started my studies as a 16 year old, i have been shaped as a person and maker so much by my environment. My surroundings -or as I like to call it; my bubbles- have had a big impact on me. Having moved from bubble to bubble (hometown in NL to big city in NL), this phenomena of bubble culture interests me. The way you fit in or don't, choose to leave a bubble, or stay in the same one for you entire life. For me it was a realization that bubbles are physically invisible but that they do exist.
My work is in some way always a celebration of and/or a reflection of me being effected by my surroundings and the way they shape me.


For post- graduation life, I hope to see myself grow and find a way to keep enjoying the ride, and may I never stop flying!

Learned during the studies

My internship at studio Jan Hoek (No Limits! Art Castle) was a big turning point during my HKU era. This experience made me the Lynn I am today.
These years helped me grow as a maker, and unavoidably connected to that and most important, as a person.
I learned that my environment was very determinative for me. I needed one in which I could grow and develop.