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Gezondheid en welzijn
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Sociale veiligheid

The house, the leakage, and the spiderweb.

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The structure will warp the you into an every-you, proving once more that the stone who threw itself into the center of the lake will touch the edges through vibration, both the beginning and end of things.
Self-centred-ness provoked through a feeling of unwanted-ness, disregarding the ripples of it’s splash.
And once again, those who are forced to breath underneath the surface with painful awareness of their position, will have to accept another bite out of their space.

A reflection upon space takers, space creators, and space givers, upon the concept of "safe space", the fiction of neutrality and the separation of politics and personal lives.

Artist statement

If you know, than my lake, is for you.


To come closer to the core, to come closer to finding a language that suits me.

Learned during the studies


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Participation in: Impakt Festival 2020, Turning Torrents.

Participation in: Kunstliefde, The Spatial Analogy and No One Without the Other - Foulplay Soggybun & Sarah Mor Klevan.