Zorg en welzijn

The Birds, The bees and everything in between

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My project revolves around the conversation about sex. We are bombarded with sexual content from various sources, starting with the sexual education we might have received in school or from our upbringing. Nowadays, we encounter sex through advertisements, social media posts, and pornography, which, although not always the case, can create distorted perceptions of sexuality. I aim to address and remedy this issue.
Rather than telling you what is right or wrong, how to find personal pleasure or pleasure others, as these experiences are subjective, I want to highlight the importance of talking about sex. Engaging in respectful conversations can open up a new world—one where nothing is considered taboo, and where new definitions of sex can emerge. It is a space where vulnerability and insecurities are embraced with open arms, fostering deeper connections.
To research this, I've had conversations with people about sex. They primarily revolved around their sexual experiences and preferences. My intention was to broaden my own horizons and gain new perspectives in the process.
Subsequently, I internalized and processed the insights gained from these interviews. How do I currently perceive myself and my own sexuality, and what factors have contributed to this perspective? By exploring my own journey, I seek to gain a deeper understanding of my sexual identity and growth.Ultimately, my project serves as a catalyst for personal and collective transformation. It seeks to dismantle societal taboos, challenge preconceived notions, and pave the way for a more open, inclusive, and nuanced conversation about sex. By shedding light on the complexities of human sexuality, we can forge a path towards greater self-acceptance, empathy, and growth.

Artist statement

In my artistic practice, I aim to explore a particular set of inquiries. These inquiries are closely tied to recent developments surrounding the internet and social media and their impact on our daily lives. Sociology plays a significant role in my fascination. Through my work, I question the behavioral patterns of humans. What is deemed "normal," and when do we deviate from it? I strive to confront viewers with their own perceptions of "normal" and encourage them to contemplate this concept.
I frequently begin with a personal connection to the subject matter and then translate it into visual artwork. My intention is to convey a sense of urgency in discussing these topics. They may not necessarily be taboos but rather aspects that can be overlooked.
As an artist, I identify as a feminist, which is evident in my work. Within this framework, I am fascinated by subjects such as beauty ideals, the female and/or male gaze, and sexuality.
My research methodology involves conducting interviews with individuals about their personal experiences related to my thematic focus. These insights often provide me with a fresh perspective on the subject matter, which I strive to incorporate into my work.


In five years, my goal is to have a profound engagement in the art world. This may take shape as both an artist and a curator. Furthermore, I am eager to venture into the wider world, ideally combining it with my profession.

Learned during the studies

During my time at HKU, I gained a comprehensive understanding of the creative process. From initiating a project to its finalization, I familiarized myself with each step involved. Conducting thorough research, actively engaging in the creative production, reflecting upon my work, and collaborating with peers, have been invaluable sources of learning for me. Furthermore, this journey allowed me to gradually uncover my artistic identity and explore my areas of genuine interest. Step by step, I've been given the space to explore these fascinations.