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Duurzaamheid en circulariteit

The best of both worlds

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Growing up in a conservative and Christian bubble ain't easy as a queer human. To heal and grow I went back in time to reshape my memories. In this research of self love within my queer identity I discovered cross-overs within the christian and queer people. The similarity within these 2 is community, symbolized with the rainbow that brings hope.

Artist statement

“Eat my Assmayonaise” is the motto of Esmay van Loenen. Assmayonaise started as Esmay’s alter-ego, but evolved into a personal working method. Their multidisciplinary work showcases the need to break free from a patriarchal society. With their work “The best of both worlds'' they explore how they can reclaim their queer body without conforming to societal expectation. They challenges societal norms and encourages viewers to open up their minds.
Assmayonaise not only showcases their journey of self-discovery but also sparks important conversations about gender and the need for a more inclusive society.

Esmay grew up in a Christian, conservative environment. Various references to their childhood can be found in the choice of materials and images. This invites viewers on a joyful, yet critical journey through their artistic expression. Interactive elements, such as tufted parking spaces where one can park their ass, encourage reflection on the mayonaise we all need in life. Ultimately, Esmay’s work calls for a shift towards a matriarchal society.


Love, love and more love trough community and care.
I want to move trough life based on my cyclical body to grow towards a more matriarchal society; the clitoris rules the world!

Learned during the studies

Artistic practice is not something you do alone. Art should bring people together and stir up the norms. It gives us hope <3

List of publications / exhibitions / prices / concerts / shows etc.

Exposities bij: museum De Fundatie, Sexyland, Havenloods, Club Basis, Ping Pong Club, Kabul A Go Go, Vogelfrei, AG.
Workshop Vulva kleien op: Viva La Vulva festival, Smeerboel, De Leuke festival, Sexyland Amsterdam, Teatro Utrecht.
Workshop Samen smelten op: De Breul tijdens Paarse Vrijdag & Hogeschool Utrecht tijdens Trans Visibility Day.

De samen smelting

Beeldend en persoonlijk onderzoek naar hoe ik mijn huidige queer identiteit kan omarmen doormiddel van artistieke expressie.