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My graduation film (yet untitled) is a short "road movie" about two young people who meet on their way back from the south of France to the Netherlands. Lucas is a young man who lived in Italy and - after a break-up - is on is way back to his parents. He picks up a hitchhiker, Juun, an 18-year-old woman, who is traveling through the southwest of Europe and is also on her way back home. The two decide to spend their last days of traveling together. During those days, they are confronted with themes such as failure, friendship, growing up, and starting over.

For this film, a small crew (of four people), two actors and I drove to the south of France. We took a car, a small van, a dog, some gear, and a clarinet with us. We shot the film on our way back to the Netherlands, using a lot of improvisation. Not only the acting is partly improvised, but also the shots, the location scouting, etc.
still from my graduation film
still from my graduation film
still from my graduation film
still from my graduation film

Artist statement

My work often centers around the emotional journey of an individual. I would describe my films as intimate portraits, which are not only explorations of human behavior, communication, and relationships, but also experiments in using improvisation as a method for fiction filmmaking.

During my studies, I focussed mostly on directing, writing, producing and editing short fiction films, but in the future I hope to combine my love for film, directing, working together, visual art, music and theater in several ways.


After finishing my studies, I hope to continue learning more about directing film, theater and opera. In five years I will hopefully be working as a director, on inspiring projects, surrounded by people who love working together and telling stories.

Learned during the studies

The most important thing I learned during my years at HKU, is that an artistic process does not have to follow a straight line to a final work. I learned the value of embracing exploration, making mistakes, and taking unexpected turns.

List of publications / exhibitions / prices / concerts / shows etc.

2023 / Group exhibition ‘Trailer’, AG, Utrecht
2023 / Screening ‘June Last Year’, Ghent International Short Film Festival, Gent
2022 / Screening ‘June Last Year, Rialto For Short, Amsterdam (season winner)
2021 / Group exhibition ‘CURRENT’, Omstand, Arnhem
2018 / Publication ‘Titaantjes’, short story, in Tirade (van Oorschot)