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Painting where the person walking has been unpainted from the painting by covering it. By creating a surrounding the image appears.

Artist statement

Lisanne de Witt finds the inspiration for her large-scale paintings from a self-collected archive that contains mostly own found photos and a collection of drawings. The depicted characters are seen from the back and unrecognizable. They seem important to be portrayed on such large canvases, but their identity is hidden. Her work is characterized by a certain fortitude in the images.

 After the image is painted, De Witt often decides to apply a radical decision in the image. She tackles the painting again to transform its original subject. These decisions are being made out of frustration with the still image. Why create a static picture, when it might as well have been a photograph? Her painterly answer to this is to perform an impulsive adjustment, spray-painting over the original image or wiping away certain parts.


I hope to keep on finding myself in new places where I can enrich my archive and keep on working.

Learned during the studies

Every painting that I make is the cause for the new one. By creating a lot of physical works each one creates the other without making any rationally invented decisions throughout the process. A lot of decisions in painting come because of an impulse and those can only be evoked by working in certain ways. I learned to find a way to work and create a space where I can stir up these impulses more.

List of publications / exhibitions / prices / concerts / shows etc.


2019 Sorry, we stole Christmas, window show RUIS Nijmegen
2021 Goede oogst, exhibition RUIS Nijmegen
2021 stART, groupshow factor IJ Amsterdam
2021 ARENA, groupshow in AG Utrecht

2022 - Buning Brongers Prijs, Amsterdam (winnaar onbekend)
2022 - Dooyewaard Stipendium, Blaricum (winnaar onbekend)