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Tales of the Adventurers Inn

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Tales of the Adventurers Inn is a 3D Fantasy style Environment which visually communicates the effects of invasive flora species on an ecosystem which is abandoned by mankind. Through different lighting scenarios it showcases the change of mood and storytelling.

Artist statement

I am an Environment Artist with a passion for Environmental Storytelling and World Building.

I personally love Environments that tell a story through their visuals without the need of narration or explanations. This is something I strive to be good at

Apart from that I am Marketing Manager at Experience Points. Here we focus on sharing knowledge about Environment Art through our Discord Community, Articles, Tutorials, the Podcast, Mentorships and Community Projects.

Finally, I co-founded our Indie Studio Mindless Games where we are working on our first title Limes Legends. Here I'm responsible for Art Direction Management, Environment art and work closely with Design on level design and set dressing.


In 5 years time I'd like to have learned what it's like to go through the whole development pipeline from production, to leading our Art team and ultimately publish our own game with Mindless Games. On top of that I want to gain more experience in Environment Art creation, publish my own assets on the Unreal Engine Marketplace, write articles about my work and start giving Mentorships to teach others what I've learned over these years.

Geleerd tijdens de studie

There is a lot that I have learned over the years but here are couple of them:
• Surround yourself with like minded people is important, it gives you people to talk to, learn from, give back to and the possibility to create cool things together.
• Everyone in the industry was just like you when they started their journey. Sometimes people seem intimidating because of their experience, title, position or company they work at. But people in the industry are most of the time very willing to give feedback and help out where they can as long as you ask nicely!
• Stay curious and always try to learn more, but do know when it's time to take a step back and that it is alright to do so.
• Fail, Fail more and Fail a lot. It's not only good to fail, it is important to do so. Failure creates this very unique opportunity for self growth and it helps to show your weaknesses which you can then tackle.
• Have fun! We're in a cool industry, enjoy it :D

Overzicht van publicaties / exposities / prijzen / concerten / voorstellingen etc.

• The Rookie Awards 2021 | Ninja Theory Internship | Winner, Finalist, Draft Selection

• The Rookie Awards 2021 | Game of the Year (Console & PC) | Finalist, Draft Selection

• Indigo 2021 | Limes Legends | Online Exposition

• WN Dev Contest (for Unreal Engine Developers) EMEA Edition | Limes Legends | Quarter finalist